Mantis 360

Mantis 360

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The Mantis 360 Kit is a fully modular system that combines with your camera and gimbal to create the ultimate tool for remotely moving and stabilising your camera.With an operating range of up to 300m/1000ft and a quiet electric motor system you can drive your camera into difficult filming areas, generate on the spot shots with no setup times and have fun whilst filming in a new and creative way.The modular Mantis system allows you to build your ideal remote dolly. Position your broadcast camera at a unique low level using the V-Con module, or up at eye level using the V-Con XL.

  • Mantis Freestyle
  • Battery Charger
  • Mantis Battery x2
  • Mantis Controller
  • Screws x22
  • Flat Socket Cap Screw
  • Set screw and hex key (Kirk) x4
  • Stops (Sunwayfoto) x2
  • 1/4 - 20 Set Screw (Manfrotto)
  • 6-32 x 1/2" Set Screw x2
  • Extended Point Set Screw (Manfrotto 394)
  • Set Screws (Thumbnut) x3
  • V- Con XL
  • 360 Evo
  • 6x6 Kenyon Gyro Kit
  • Lemo - XLR 3ft Cable
  • DTAP - XLR
  • V- Lock Battery plate
  • V-Lock
  • Hard Case